Build and share llm-apps in minutes.

We turn server code into sharable chat-based applications in minutes. No front-end experience required. Use your favorite backend frameworks.

from agentlabs.project import Project

alabs = Project(

agent = alabs.agent("agent_id")

def handle_message(msg):
		text=f'Hey {}, how can I help you today?'


import { Project } from "@agentlabs/node-sdk";

const alabs = new Project({
    projectId: "project-id",
    secret: "secret-key",

const agent = alabs.agent("agent-id");

alabs.onChatMessage((msg) => {
    text: `Hey ${}, how can I help you today?`,
    conversationId: message.conversationId,


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This is what you can get by writing 10 lines of code with AgentLabs.

Build Smarter Assistants

AgentLabs allows you to handle realtime & asynchronous I/O to build autonomous AI Agents that perform a wide variety of tasks.

Realtime & Async I/O

Unlike other UIs, AgentLabs leverages websockets instead of HTTP calls. This unlocks realtime & asynchronous communication between your backend and your frontend.

Background Tasks

AgentLabs manages the conversations for you and has a first-class support for background tasks. This means you can stream content to yours users even if they are offline. Ideal to perform some background tasks.

Backend Agnostic

Every developer wants to be free of choosing the right toolset. With AgentLabs, you're free to use the tools you want to build your backend. Although we provide first-class support for frameworks like LangChain.

Markdown, Files & more

Control if you want to display your response in Markdown or Plain Text. We handle images, videos, file upload and everything you need to create the best user experience out of the box.


Free & Open-source
  • OAuth
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Deploy on Docker
  • Community support on Discord
(talk to us for an enterprise edition)
Based on usage
  • OAuth
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Don't mind about the infrastructure
  • Premium support
  • Custom SSL and domain
  • Extended SMTP server
  • Advanced analytics (soon)
  • Monetization features (soon)

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